Do you love where you currently live but need a house with more space for your growing family?
Want a home that has a floor plan that better suits your needs and lifestyle?
Want to stay in your current community AND live in a brand new home?
Thinking about renovating your current home but the size and potential cost of the project is just overwhelming?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then knockdown rebuild might be a great option for you.

Although the process might seem daunting, there are number of benefits to a knockdown rebuild. To help you decide if knockdown rebuild is the way to go for you, here are 2 scenarios for you to consider.

Knockdown Rebuild - Thirroul Living Room
Knockdown Rebuild - Thirroul Living Room

Scenario 1: Renovate Vs Knockdown Rebuild

Renovating can be a very rewarding process. Especially when you get to make changes to freshen up your home, maybe add an extra room or few, knock out a wall or two to create a more open plan living area…. BUT:

Depending on the scale of changes you want to make, the cost to renovate a home can be significantly higher than building a brand new one from scratch. 

Simply ripping out or moving a wall is not always that easy as there are structural considerations you must take onboard… how annoyed would you be if you found out that your renovation vision could not be realised because the existing house structure either wouldn’t allow you to do what you wanted OR the cost to do it would completely blow out your budget?

Anyone who has renovated their home will tell you that there are ‘always’ surprises along the way - surprises that typically end up costing more money, more time and often sacrifice the desired outcome.

Renovation involves adding to the existing structure and finishes of the home. Depending on the age and quality of the existing home, you will likely still need to carry out additional maintenance or even consider replacement in the future.

Plus, don’t forget the chaos of living in a home while it is being renovated.

So the question for you is… do any of the things above deter you from wanting to renovate?

No? Awesome, do it!
Renovation can be an extremely rewarding process and give you the opportunity to update your home to better suit your needs while also adding value to your property.
Before you begin make sure you do your research, enlist the help of licensed and insured trades along the way and definitely set out and stick to a budget.

If you answered yes… Knockdown Rebuild can eliminate all of the negatives that renovations can bring. Yes, there is still the process to step through and things you need to consider when looking to do a knockdown rebuild, but we help you understand this more below.

Knockdown Rebuild - Thirroul Coastal Kitchen
Knockdown Rebuild - Thirroul Coastal Kitchen

Scenario 2: Sell and Buy Another Home Vs Knockdown Rebuild

You could of course look to sell your current home and buy another home in the same area, but like renovating; there are a few things you will need to consider with this option.

The current market is in very high demand. Competition for quality homes is extremely high and the chances of you being able to secure a home you love without selling your arms, legs and first-born child will be your first challenge.

The chances of finding a floor plan that exactly suits your needs and lifestyle and finishes and fixtures that suit your taste (without needing spend more money on changes, updates or renovations) are also…. pretty slim.

Not to mention you are still taking on an existing home that will need a higher level of maintenance than a brand new home… more money! 

The selling and buying process can hit your hip pocket too with costs such as stamp duty, agent selling and marketing fees, solicitor/conveyancer fees, moving costs and more that will all add up.

Ultimately; you never know what you are going to get until you move… noisy, nosy or not so nice neighbours? Will you actually like your new location as much as your current one?

The benefits of knockdown rebuild over moving;

  • get a brand new home with the exact design, floor plan and finishes that you will love
  • add massive value to your property (someone else can sell their arms, legs and first born if you decide to sell it later)
  • save on stamp duty, selling and moving costs
  • convenience of staying in the location you know and love
Knockdown Rebuild - Thirroul Main Bathroom
Knockdown Rebuild - Thirroul Main Bathroom

Knockdown Rebuild - How does it all work?

If you have considered your other options and are interested in a knockdown rebuild, you will want to know how our process works.

  1. Choosing or crafting your design

The first step in a knockdown rebuild is to consider how you want to live in your home.

A great place to start is thinking about how your current home doesn’t meet your needs and lifestyle and identify your wish list. 

As well as considering your current needs, also think about how your living situation may change over the coming years and plan for it now. Perhaps you’re planning to start a family, you need more room for your growing family, your children are getting older and need their own space or your children might be getting to an age where they will move out of home and start their own family but still likely to visit or stay… and don’t forget baby sitting duties!

First, identify the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need.

Consider if you prefer an open plan living space to share with family and friends or more room like lounge and living areas so you and your family members can have their own space to enjoy?

Will you want an outdoor area to entertain in? If so, how much space do you need?

How much storage space do you need for your all of your stuff?

Do you need any additional areas for entertainment, working from home, a gym, hobbies room, second lounge/rumpus?

Do you want single storey, double storey or (depending on your block slope) split level?

Do you want a self-contained area or granny flat for family to stay or to rent out?

Knockdown Rebuild - Location & Site Orientation
Knockdown Rebuild - Location & Site Orientation

Some other tips to consider when it comes to designing your home:

Site orientation. Never underestimate the value of good orientation. Consideration of the layout including position of rooms/spaces, windows and doors can make a huge difference in maximising natural light, thermal efficiency and air circulation.

Partnering with a good designer can also save you a lot of money through considering how to use space efficiently, address land and size constraints and offer cost effective ways of achieving the design you want.

Consider your location; the size, layout, finish and inclusions level of your home should be considered based on your location. It is correct when people say you shouldn’t over-invest in your area, but remember it is also possible to under-invest (costing you more later).

Once you have decided on what you need in your new home there’s two ways of going about making it happen;

·         look into existing home designs that will work on your site, or;
·         choose a completely custom design that will be uniquely yours.

Evolution Building Group have a range of home designs available in our Go Series and Next Collection that offer great value, well thought out designs including a high level of features and inclusions, OR we can work with you to develop a completely custom design that meets your needs, wants, style and budget.

2. Choosing Your Finishes

Once you have decided on the design you want, then comes the exciting stage of choosing the finishes and fixtures of your home.

From the finishes of your kitchen cabinets, bench tops and appliances, the tiles, vanities and tapware in your bathrooms, internal doors & handles, architrave and skirting board profiles, lighting and electrical points/switches and the colours on your walls to the materials for your exterior facade, window, guttering, facia and downpipe colours and so much more!

There is nothing like creating a home that reflects your taste and style, which is why Evolution are currently building our selections centre to help people enjoy the experience of crafting their perfect home. Stay tuned for more news!

The Evolution Colour & Selection Process
The Evolution Colour & Selection Process

3. Tender

When your design and selections are complete, we will be able to provide a detailed tender will full breakdown of what it will cost to build your brand new knockdown rebuild home. This tender will include the cost to demolish your current home and prepare your site for construction of your new home. If you want us to take care of a new pool or landscaping this can be factored into the tender too!

As an extra offer to help you find your happy place, we are currently offering a FREE site inspection and build estimate. We can meet you on site for an inspection and discussion regarding what might be possible for you and provide a FREE build estimate – this will give you a solid idea on what your dream build might cost.

4. Council Approval

Once your tender is signed, we will submit your application and manage the process of securing all of the required approvals to commence knocking down your old home and building you a brand new one.

This is around the time you should have arranged other accommodation and moved your belongings out of your current home. Many of our clients have chosen to rent another home until their build is completed. Others have placed their belongings into storage and stayed with family or friends.
Once the scope of your project is determined, we will be able to give you a projected time frame that your build will take to complete – this way you can plan your accommodation requirements.

Knockdown Rebuild - Home Sketch
Knockdown Rebuild - Home Sketch

5. Demolition and Site Preparation

Once all approvals have been granted, our project managers and trades get to work. Demolition date is booked in and our team goes to site to commence demolition. This can be a day of mixed emotions for our clients… sad to see their old home coming down but also super excited to make way for their brand new home.

Once the home is demolished and all old materials are cleared away, we prepare the site so it is ready for your new build to begin.

Knockdown Rebuild - Thirroul In Construction
Knockdown Rebuild - Thirroul In Construction

6. Construction

Finally, the time has come! The construction of your new home gets underway.

Our team will keep you up to date at each stage of the build.

Key stages of the building process include:

  • Slab / foundations
  • Framing and roof trusses
  • External walls, roofing and external windows and doors go in (we call this lock up stage)
  • Internal fitout: plumbing, electrical, air condition ducting (if you chose to include in your build) and insulation go in
  • Internal linings: gyprock sheeting and cornice, internal doors and frames, architrave and skirting, wet room treatment
  • Fit out: kitchen cabinetry, bench tops sink, tap ware and appliances, bathroom tiling, vanities and PC items installed, cupboards and wardrobes built out, electrical switch/plug outlet covers go on, air conditioning ducts/units fitted off
  • Final touches: internal and external painting along with any particular decor finishes completed, flooring goes down and thorough clean up is complete ready for hand over
  • Hand over: our team will take you through your new home for final inspection, talk you through the functions and upkeep of your new appliances, systems, etc. We also take you through the warranties included for products used in your home and provide you with a full hand over kit - as well as handing you the keys to your brand new home!
Knockdown Rebuild - Thirroul Handover
Knockdown Rebuild - Thirroul Handover

Evolution Building Group love to help people find their happy place. We hope this article has helped you understand more about knockdown rebuild and to decide if this is the right option for you. 

If you want to know more, we are here to help.

> Check out our knockdown rebuild video and some of the projects we have completed.

> Contact us via email, phone or come into our display home to discuss your questions.





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