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Refer a Friend Terms & Conditions


  • Referrer: The Referrer must be a previous client of Evolution Building Group and must have reached construction stage, with all progress payments up to date.• Referred Buyer: The Referred Buyer must be a new client of the Evolution Building Group.• Builder: Evolution Building Group Pty Ltd (ACN 147075992) trading as Evolution Building Group
  • Past Clients: Includes any client who has signed a contract, reached construction stage, and fulfilled their contractual obligations with Evolution Building Group.

The Evolution Building Group Refer a Friend (Referral Reward Program) allows for a past client (Referrer) of Evolution Building Group (Builder) to refer a new client (Referred Buyer) who is able to enter a building contract and meet their contractual obligations with the Builder.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Refer a Referred Buyer to the Evolution Building Group via the Referral Form on our website
  • The Referred Buyer must advise the Evolution Building Group that they are a referred client and provide details at (or before) the signing of the Preliminary Agreement. No referrals will be accepted after this stage.
  • To be eligible to receive the referral fees, the referrer must:
    – Have entered into a building contract to construct a dwelling with Evolution Building Group.
    –  Must refer a person who also enters into a building contract with Evolution Building Group.

–  Referred friends must be new clients to Evolution Building Group and must not have already engaged with a Consultant.
​- Obtain permission from the referee before submitting their details.

  • There is no limit to the number of Referrals that can be generated by the same Referrer.
  • The $2,000* referral payment will be paid as a Bunnings voucher to the referrer when the referred customer’s and referee’s homes have both commenced construction (slab down stage).
  • If either contract is to cancel, this offer becomes null and void, the referral fee will not be paid.
  • The referral promotion can end or change at the discretion of Evolution Building Group Management.
  • The decision of Evolution Building Group management shall be final and not contested. No correspondence will be entered.
  • The Referral Fee is non-transferable, is not offered in conjunction with any other promotional offer and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit.
  • By submitting the Referral request, you are indicating acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • This referral will end at the discretion of Evolution Building Group management. The decision of management will be final and not contested. If there is a breach of the relevant HIA Building Contract by the contracted Referred Buyer or Referrer this offer becomes null and void. All progress payments under the Building Contract must be paid on time.
  • This Referral Program is effective from 8th September 2020.



The responsibility of privacy rests with the Referrer. The Referrer must seek approval from the Referred Buyer before submitting their details to the Evolution Building Group. Evolution Building Group will not disclose personal details to any third parties and will only act upon the information provided by the Referrer, by contacting the Referred Buyer.

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